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99-Year-Old Lady Sews A Dress A Day For Children In Need 

Lillian Weber, a 99-year-old good Samaritan from Iowa, has spent the last few years sewing a dress a day for the Little Dresses For Africa charity, a Christian organization that distributes dresses to children in need in Africa and elsewhere.

Weber’s goal is to make 1,000 dresses by the time she turns 100 on May 6th. So far, she’s made more than 840. Though she says she could make two a day, she only makes one – but each single dress she makes per day is personalized with careful stitchwork. She hopes that each little girl who receives her dress can take pride in her new garment.


I’m alright. A little nervous but it’s not my first recital so I guess it comes with the territory. 

Yeah, it’s amazing how even when we’re used to stuff, we can still get nervous about it.  How many kids are involved?

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lol because Instagram makes things more interesting than they are. Ask Parker. The party wasn’t so grant. haha! I love it! Aw, Mo. I miss her and her cooking and her “pep talks”. But of course. You know that all you guys are getting copies and we’re celebrating so hard that night….

I’ma ask, too.  She’ll probably tease me by making up some elaborate tale of why I should be jealous.  Mo is supposed to be visiting us some time this fall, probably around Thanksgiving.  She’ll for sure wanna see you and she better plan on cooking, too.   Lol.  I have a mini celebration every time the subject comes up, so yah… we’re hardcore celebrating that night.  It’s gonna be excellent to have a book by someone I know who isn’t my mom!

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lol no it really isn’t! hehe the book is pre released in three weeks and then two weeks later nation wide. Oh man, I can’t believe it. 

Then, why am I so intrigued, then?  Three weeks.  Noted on calendar.  We will have need of two for our household and Mo would like to order one, as well, and D, because Mo doesn’t want him bending the tips of the pages of hers.

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Rodrigo… your life, I must understand it…

I hate my life. 

But it’s so interesting, though!!!  That’s why I’m waiting for the info of where to pre-order my book and I intend to get it signed.

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To Go Bots || Joker Para


The mushy friend stuff was appreciated, and she gave him a smile to show it. Often she wasn’t good at hearing it but from Joe she could accept it, at least. Like Lauren, she knew he wouldn’t tell her what he thought she wanted to hear to try and make her happy. “You’re a very good and important source. One of the very few I trust.I don’t know. It’s just a thing at the moment. No need to pick it apart too much.” Her hand patted his reassuringly, breaking into a smile at his laughter. “General consensus be damned. You carry on with your brave and bold self.”

Joe bowed his head, humbly when she complimented him and picked his fork back up.  ”You’re too sweet, sometimes.”  He took a couple of bites and felt full.  ”Ugh… I tried,” he complained and pushed the plate away.  


It would be nice to have that sort of space, but I don’t have any need for it. Really my apartment is to big for just me as it is. This reminds me of you wanting to build your vegetable garden.

I think that I can live with a small house, if I can have a huge yard and have trees in the yard.  Because that tree house has to be a thing.  My vegetable garden?  Oh… at Our Lady?  Oh, yeah.

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I seriously doubt D will be willing to pour water on her little perfect head.  :P  She can make other videos.  She’ll pull through.

How do you supposed bath time will work?  Why are we debating this anyway?

Trust, it won’t happen again.


I imagine I’ll be staying in a gardenless place for a while, but I couldn’t see finding a house without a large garden. Although I could see you have a garden roof.. I saw it on something. This man had built a shed and because it took up so much of his garden, he built a vegetable garden on the shed roof.

I couldn’t live in a world in which I have no garden.  Literally, I wouldn’t be able to afford buying all of the stuff that I grow myself as frequently as I use it.  I could have multiple gardens.  Nothing wrong with that.

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Then she’ll just ask her Grandpa.  

I seriously doubt D will be willing to pour water on her little perfect head.  :P  She can make other videos.  She’ll pull through.

Wonder if I can get away with doing much of nothing today, since I’ve been going nonstop all week.


You’ll see.  There will be an adorable little girl who wants to make video with water on her head and she will look at you with the huge eyes and say “Pwease Daddy?” and you will do it.  Like a tiny Jedi master to bends your mind.  

You are in for such Papa Joe disappointment…


Relax, babe.  It was probably just slightly cool water.  There weren’t any ice cubes.  Think about the kids you know.  Ben and Vi would probably beg to do the challenge if it meant they got to make a video.

Ehhh…  B and Vi are a little bit older than her.  Also, so we’re clear… don’t ever do anything like that to my children, please.


Do you not know about this whole Ice Bucket thing?  Or are you offended that the little girl knows that phrase?

Yeah, I’ve seen people accept challenges.  People who weren’t toddlers.